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In some ways, networks can be thought of as neighborhoods, since networks are comprised of the actors and the relationships between those actors.

These actors, referred to as nodes, can be individuals, organizations or companies.

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As an example of a social network, consider the members of a church.

If you view the United Nations as a social network, the United States would be a node or actor inside the network.The three types of social networks that social scientists explore are ego-centric networks, socio-centric networks, and open-system networks.If networks were just a list of your close friends or the people you work with, there would be nothing to study.However, a couple of stipulations determined how the letter could reach the Sharon, MA target.In the course of the experiment, Milgram determined that there were, on average, six steps between the initial person who received the letter and the Sharon, MA target.

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  2. As union researchers began to discuss the workplace with focus groups of young workers and school leavers they waited - and waited - to hear the word "union". Even when the conversation was steered towards resolving conflict at work, the response was to "see the manager" rather than "talk to the union".