Dating site based on breast size

A C cup is considered the ideal cup size across most nations of the UK - however, there are some outliers.

u just cant because u dont get many women and its way to risky to chance her never talkin to u again if u ask such a thing. I put men in their place real damn quick when they ask those kinds of questions. Why on earth would a woman be interested in a man of such low degree? Although speaking of Double Standards, You can bet that if Mens Heightwasn't on the Profile, Most Women would be asking the Question within5 minutes!

Those who feel it is are socially acceptable men/women.

I will use the Credit Card number reply next time someone asks me though. My parents taught me never to used foul language around women period dating or not dating. The sex talk is jerky talk my immature men who can't figure out that you have a brain, heart, feeling and others things God gave you with.

(love the reply)One i have used before to reply (much bigger than your package I am sure)Asking when mine are out there with all my photos is obvious. The Internet is a great way to connect people but you still have to act proper whether on line or in person.

At one point I posted my bra size so they wouldn't have to bother asking me. So the end of this is to not HAVE any to ask about. Now I know why women are afraid of me, the jerks out there just make it harder for me and the real men that what a real date.

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I tried tucking them under my arms but it was a no go. But lets face it some women go for that bad boy image. You should know that I've trademarked that smart azz reply as well as a few others OT: the other thing I used to ask if they really understood what all the numbers and letters mean-most guys don't have a clue of what the difference is between an b and d cup so I've often wondered if they were being paid to take an anonymous online survey of dating site women's bra sizes when i've gotten asked that, i might reply back saying something like,, unless your taking me shopping then it's none of ur bizzzz..sometimes i'll ask back well how small is your penis??

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  1. I’ll start with a brief overview of how it works before I get into the pros and cons and then offer a few pointers. If you’re using one of the popular free sites, you’ll start by entering some personal data, from height and maybe weight to race and religion.

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