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Our idea of "alpha" (teasing, negging, etc.) isn't even on the radar to a lot of these other women in poorer countries. Is it the short, indigenous-looking dirt-poor Peruvian girls or the pretty middle-class girls with Spanish features living in Lima? A tall fair-skinned westerner doesn't even have to approach in the bars surrounding the main square in Cusco, regardless of whether he's "nicer" than the local guys or not.

We thank the Instituto Nacional de Cultura of Lima, Peru and the municipalities of Pativilca, Paramonga and Barranca.

(eds) La Ciudad Sagrada de Caral-Supe: Los Origines de la Civilización Andina y la formación del Estado Prístino en el Antiguo Perú (Instituto Nacional de Cultura, Lima, Lima, 2003)Research for this project was supported by the National Science Foundation, the California Community Trust, The Field Museum, and the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies, Northern Illinois University.

This is the same story not only in Latin America but in SE Asia too.

The girls just say this shit (the men here are violent, they are drunks, they treat us bad) to try and impress us foreigners and make us feel like we're better than the locals.

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However, don't be fooled into thinking she will not SEXUALLY respond to the disrespectful jerk who knows how to push her buttons.

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