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The royal family is accustomed to its eccentricities.When disaster strikes, Princess Celie and her siblings team up to save the day.These 12 titles have been total winners for my daughters, ages 8 and 11.Please do the world a favor and share your own recommendations for great tween titles in comments.She’s carefully chosen a hideaway that is comfortable, beautiful, and elegant: the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Once they’re set up in the museum, Claudia finds herself transfixed by a statue—and the mystery behind it—and her fascination leads the two children on an incredible adventure.A good independent read for younger tweens, but even my six-year-old is loving this as a read-aloud.

More info → 11-year-old Harriet Welsch is a spunky kid with an odd hobby: she’s a spy.(Cops hunt black rapist who attacked a disabled woman in her home This is the creep who followed a disabled 64-year-old woman to her Bronx home and raped her, police said.The woman, who uses a walker, was headed home to her apartment around p.m.Their pranks will make you giggle even as the story deals with serious themes like grief and fear.More info → This moving middle grade Newbery winner is based on the true story of a gorilla who spent nearly 30 years living in captivity in a mall in Washington state.

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